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Compositional AI

Let AI Drive The Future of 
Creativity on Auto-Pilot!

Discover a new era of creativity with Wishtales: Compositional AI. Let your thoughts take flight and transform into words and visuals with our intuitive UI. Whether you're a budding author or a seasoned content creator, our Multimodal AI Copilot is ready to help you every step of the way.

With AI at your fingertips, editing and writing become effortless, allowing you to craft engaging content that resonates with your audience. Focus on your creativity while our Compositional AI brings them to life with script writing, voice narrations, music, art and animations!

Edit, Illustrate, Symphonize & Animate your Vision using AI

As your advanced writing companion, Compositional AI revolutionizes how you edit, enrich, illustrate, and animate your stories. Our intelligent platform breathes new life into your words, provides fresh perspectives, and ensures every sentence shines. With captivating illustrations and dynamic animations, your narratives will mesmerize readers. Wishtales: Compositional AI elevates your storytelling, turning every story into a masterpiece. Embrace the future of storytelling with limitless creative possibilities!

Ready to Compose your Next Masterpiece?

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Alex D'Souza - Photograph

Alex D'Souza - Journalist, CA

"As a journalist,'s Compositional AI has become an indispensable ally, enhancing my writing process with its innovative structuring and content generation abilities. It's a game-changer, transforming my work with exceptional efficiency and creative flair."

Morgan James - photograph

Morgan James - Tech Blogger, NY

"As a tech blogger, I'm constantly exploring new tools and platforms, and's Compositional AI has truly raised the bar. Its ability to structure, enrich, and simplify the writing process has not only improved my productivity but also sparked unprecedented levels of creativity in my blogs. A game-changer for content creators!"

Tim Driver - Photograph

Tim Driver : Fan- Fi Author, FL

"As a fan fiction author, navigating the intricate universes of established characters can be challenging. But with's Compositional AI, I've found a co-pilot that helps me seamlessly blend my imaginative ideas with existing storylines. It's like having a collaborative partner who understands and enhances my creative process—truly a game-changer for fan fiction creation!"

Avijoy Biswas- Photograph

Avijoy Biswas : Graphic Designer

As a designer and artist, having a tool as powerful as Wishtales at my disposal not only makes my life easier but also expands the horizons of my work. Wishtales’s cutting-edge AI has far surpassed my expectations, demonstrating what AI can truly achieve. It’s an invaluable asset that enhances my creativity and productivity in ways I never imagined possible.

Trip K- Photograph

Trip K : Writer 

In the ever-evolving literary landscape, writers must stay informed about technological advancements that enhance their craft. Wishtales AI, with its advanced storytelling capabilities, has broadened my perspective and inspired new creative dimensions. This groundbreaking multimodal AI technology has unveiled numerous possibilities, significantly enriching my creative process and expanding my potential.

Srinjoy - Photograph

Srinjoy  : Music Composer

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology is crucial in the ever-evolving field of music and sound design. Wishtales AI has revolutionized music generation, making the process incredibly easy and less time-consuming. Its advanced capabilities allow me to craft intricate compositions effortlessly, freeing up time for creative exploration. This groundbreaking multimodal AI has expanded my musical possibilities, significantly enhancing my creative output.

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