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World's First Automated AI Video editor for Web & Mobile!



All in one! Wishtales AI revolutionizes modern storytelling with its innovative platform powered by DANK AI. This tool democratizes professional-grade video editing, empowering storytellers to unlock their potential. 

WishtalesAI offers immersive edutainment for youth, using Generative AI to guide creative journeys. With the Advanced Dank video editor, accessible on mobile devices, users can create dynamic animations, voice narrations, music, and automated effects easily.

Revolutionizing Creativity

DANK AI is revolutionizing video editing with groundbreaking technology that offers unmatched precision and accessibility. This game-changing tool empowers storytellers of all backgrounds to unleash their creative potential like never before. Wishtales' DANK AI isn't just an upgrade—it's a transformative leap forward in the world of video creation.

New Horizons in Video Editing

With DANK AI, break free from limitations. Experience unbounded narrative potential and crystal-clear vision. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a new era in storytelling. For pros and beginners alike, DANK AI is your gateway to unparalleled creativity. Prepare to be amazed—this is the future of video editing.

Wishtales Cancellation and Refund
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