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About Wishtales Inc.

Welcome to your Creative Copilot of the Future where Multimodal AI redefines the art of Digital Content Creation with Text, Voice, Image, Music, Art &  Animations!

We at Wishtales combine innovation and creativity from the US & India to bring YOU an unforgettable assortment of curated AI Generated Content to begin your journey with Wishtales.AI!

Core Team Members

Animikh Roy Photograph

Animikh Roy

Co-Founder, Chairman & Product Architect

Roy is the visionary behind architecting the Product and IP of Wishtales as his brain-child. He is an alumnus of University of Sussex, NIAS, IISc Bangalore & an expert in building AI products and pipelines. He has an extensive background in Neural Nets, Data Science, Astrophysics, Topology and Graph Theory. He is an Astrophysicist & AI consultant to tech enterprises mainly in the UK where he pursues research applying novel Machine Learning techniques to Gravitational Wave and Multi-messenger Astronomy and has registered scientific concepts and pipelines pertaining to R-K Diagrams, R-K Modles and R-K Pipelines using AI Graph Theory & Topology with hundreds of citations. Roy is a Transhumanist thinker with Synaesthesia & a Mensa IQ score of 149. His lifelong fascination with the power of storytelling has been fueled by the captivating science-fiction works of literary greats such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Liu Cixin. Roy is a firm believer in the transformative potential of Multimodal AI, envisioning its capacity to amplify and unleash the creative genius residing within all young minds.

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Meet the team Anchor
Darshan SK Photograph

 Darshan Sk

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Darshan is dynamic entrepreneur and leader who is responsible on leading the Wishtales business Operations in India and USA. He worked with Google as a Google Facilitator and Founder of Tvast IT Services where he has successfully implemented more than 120+ large and medium B2B Enterprise solutions with several leading global clients. He is an India stack expert and have lead projects for ONDC, Ekstep, ONEST and the Beckn Protocol. Darshan has demonstrated exceptional leadership by assembling a diverse team of experts and delivering outstanding results for numerous clients. In addition to his success in business, Darshan contributes to the advancement of technology through a foundation focused on fostering a digital revolution in India. He aspires to ignite the creative spark in the next generation, empowering them with tools to craft their own compelling narratives and unleash their full potential. In doing so, he envisions a future where these young visionaries pen the stories of their lives, leaving an indelible mark on the world and inspiring generations yet to come.

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Dr Sudhakar Profile photograph

Dr. Sudhakar Varanasi

Chief Advisor & Mediator 

Dr. Sudhakar Varanasi, a distinguished alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IISc Bangalore, serves as the Chief Advisor and Mediator to the Board of Directors at Wishtales AI. He is a luminary in both academia and the corporate world, having spent 17 years enriching his academic portfolio at IITs and IISc before venturing into India's burgeoning IT sector. His leadership at EMRI (Emergency Management Research Institute), established in 2005, marked a significant milestone in social entrepreneurship, pioneering large-scale emergency services in India through a novel public-private partnership model. He has played a pivotal role in implementing India's 108 emergency services. Dr. Varanasi's experience and expertise in tech-entrepreneurship is evident in his leadership at Satyam Computers, Tiger Software, CoOptions Technologies and as CEO of the Namma Bengaluru Foundation. His passion for nurturing young minds is reflected in his personal scholarship program, aimed at encouraging young students in creative arts. He takes immense passion in nurturing and guiding the next generation of capable, talented global leaders and has personally mentored and helped hundreds of mentees maximise their inner potential. This dedication aligns seamlessly with the vision and mission of Wishtales, further enhancing our focus on innovative, child-centric technology solutions.

Dr Ravi Cheruvu photograph

Dr. Ravi Cheruvu

Chief Technical Advisor

Dr. Ravi Cheruvu is an alumnus of IIT-Chennai, ex-visiting scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, and has a PhD in Natural Language Processing. He stands at the forefront of guiding our journey of cutting-edge technological innovation as the Chief Technical Advisor for Wishtales AI. His career spans 40+ years of significant achievements in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, highlighted by his pioneering work on the large-scale Indian Railway Reservation System, development of the first commercial vector processor/super computer made in India  and creation of innovative Predictive ML & AI algorithms for Fortune 100 companies.At Wishtales, Dr. Ravi is instrumental in ensuring our AI innovations stay several steps ahead of the market competition along with guiding our promising R&D recruits and our seasoned production team to ensure Wishtales AI can be impactful at scale. His role involves mentoring the development team, leading product innovation, and engaging with investors, thereby contributing to our technology-oriented business strategies. Dr. Ravi's involvement promises further ground-breaking advancements in the field of Generative AI thereby pushing the boundaries of Wishales. His vision and leadership are integral to maximizing the creative potential of future generations, as we embrace the transformative era of AI.

Narayan Ramachandran photograph

Narayan Ramachandran

Global Strategic Advisor

Narayan Ramachandran is the father of two girls, husband of writer, social entrepreneur, and emerging market investor. He spent over three decades on Wall Street, most of it with Morgan Stanley. Narayan was the Country Head of Morgan Stanley India, leading all of the Group's businesses. He was the Head and lead portfolio manager of Morgan Stanley’s Global Emerging Markets and Global Asset Allocation teams, managing over $25 billion in assets. He began his career at Goldman Sachs. He served as General Partner and Member of the Global Strategy Advisory Board of L Catterton Asia, a consumer focussed growth equity firm. He is an active private equity investor in technology, financial services, social enterprises, and consumer businesses in Silicon Valley & India. He is co-founder and Fellow of the Takshashila Institution, a public policy school and think tank. Narayan received a B.Tech. in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan. Narayan holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He writes a fortnightly column titled "A Visible Hand" for The Mint Newspaper. Narayan's advisership is pivotal in propelling Wishtales towards global success & innovation.

Ravi-Kumar photograph

Ravi Kumar

Business Advisor

Ravi Kumar’s career includes over two decades in new business development, high-tech manufacturing, retail, import-export, IT and international airlines followed by two decades in academia, business management consulting, corporate training, and executive education. A highlight was successfully raising US$100 million for a Formula 1 Grand Prix facility in India. The foundation of this wealth of experience demonstrating leadership, strategic vision, innovation, versatility and business acumen with a global perspective is a distinguished educational background – an MBA in International Business from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania with a term on International Exchange at London Business School, University of London. His roles as Professor of Practice and Adjunct/Visiting Faculty at prestigious management institutions have contributed to the development of dynamic managers of the future. The dedication to mentoring future leaders and visionary approach to business strategy and education while fostering an environment of excellence and innovation make his advisory role a cornerstone of our quest at Wishtales. It is instrumental in guiding Wishtales AI in as a leader in the future of content creation & consumption in the rapidly evolving era of AI.

Nikitha M photograph

Nikitha M.

Vice-President: Web-Applications

Nikitha is a passionate & experienced Software Development Engineer, with a strong focus on full stack development, insatiable thirst for knowledge and interest in solving complex problems. Her journey in software development began with a fascination for full stack development, where she mastered the art of crafting seamless user experiences by combining her front-end expertise in ReactJS with her back-end proficiency in languages like Python, platforms like NodeJS and frameworks like Django. Nikitha believes that technology has immense power to transform lives and is always motivated by the challenge of solving complex problems through creative and intelligent software solutions. Driven by her curiosity for cutting-edge technologies, Nikitha developed a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning which she has honed to perfection with  Python. She enjoys exploring the limitless potential of AI and ML to enhance software applications & solve real-world problems. Nikitha also firmly believes that by harnessing the power of Wishtales: Generative & Compositional AI, one can truly unlock their untapped creative potential!

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Keshav Khatri Photograph

Keshav Khatri

Vice-President: Android & iOS

Keshav is an accomplished Software Engineer and Blockchain/Web3.0 developer, driven by a deep passion for technology and a strong desire to create impactful solutions. With a background in MERN stack and Flutter development, Keshav has honed his skills in crafting elegant and efficient applications. Currently, he is expanding his knowledge by delving into Django, to broaden his horizons in web development. Beyond his professional achievements, Keshav is a firm believer in the transformative power of technology and its ability to shape the future. He actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the tech community, sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow developers. Through his collaborative spirit and innovative thinking, Keshav strives to build a digital world that empowers individuals and drives positive change. With the versatility of Wishtales, Keshav envisions a world where the limitless power of Multimodal AI combines with the boundless imagination of children, allowing them to embark on enchanting journeys and weave their own unique narratives while forging a new era of growth fueled by the content creation economy.

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